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Craig A. Parker

Phone: (707) 210-3020
Fax: (707) 210-3030
Craig A. Parker is a Partner in the firm and the founding member of Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC, our Maryland affiliate. Mr. Parker first established the Law Offices of Craig A. Parker, LLC in 2002, which was rebranded as Parker, Simon, & Ko… Read More
Craig's Practice Areas:  Creditor Representation, Real Estate
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Thomas J. Kokolis

Phone: (707) 210-3020
Fax: (707) 210-3030
Thomas J. Kokolis is a Partner in the firm and is a respected advocate in creditors’ rights and real estate matters. In addition to providing litigation representation to clients in these areas for our east coast affiliate, Mr. Kokolis also has tra… Read More
Thomas's Practice Areas:  Creditor Representation, Real Estate
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Michelle J. Simon

Phone: (707) 210-3020
Fax: (707) 210-3030
Michelle J. Simon is a Partner in the firm and has been with Parker, Simon, Kokolis & Brown LLP since its inception. While Ms. Simon’s practice focuses primarily on residential real estate transactions, for our east coast affiliate, she is… Read More
Michelle's Practice Areas:  Real Estate
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Katrina M. Brown

Phone: (707) 210-3020
Fax: (707) 210-3030
Katrina M. Brown is a Partner in the firm and manages its day to day operations and client relationships. In addition to having an extensive real estate background, Ms. Brown is knowledgeable regarding business entity formation, as well as a variety… Read More
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Kelsey L. Thwaits

Phone: (707) 210.3020
Fax: (707) 210-3030
Kelsey L. Thwaits joined Parker, Simon, Kokolis & Brown, LLP, in 2021 to work on the firm’s creditor’s rights matters. Ms. Thwaits graduated from William and Mary Law School in 2019. During law school she was an active part of the environment… Read More
Kelsey's Practice Areas:  Creditor Representation
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